Corporate Experience

The Kleinsorg Group has diversified fire protection experience including technical leadership of numerous projects, project management, Appendix R safe shutdown, fire hazards analysis, program design and implementation, and Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) licensing.  They have led, managed and performed engineering activities for numerous utilities, including Consolidated Edison, Public Service Electric and Gas, Southern Company, TVA, Wisconsin Electric, Northeast Utilities, Consumers Power, Florida Power Corporation, and many others.


Tennessee Valley Authority - Assisted with the self assessment of the Appendix R analyses at all three TVA sites.  The project was performed using current NEI and NRC guidance.

Southern Nuclear -Reviewed the preliminary results of Electrical Raceway Fire Barrier Resolution Project to determine if the proposed resolution strategy was 1) acceptable from an Appendix R interpretation perspective, 2) technically acceptable (e.g. manual action generally feasible, system adequate, requires an exemption/86-10 evaluation), and 3) consistent with resolution strategies employed at other facilities.

Carolina Power and Light - Performed a risk assessment of the Walters Hydroelectric Station against the guidance of NFPA 851.  Assisted with the resolution of NFPA code deficiencies at Brunswick Nuclear Plant.

Public Service Electric and Gas - Assisted with the completion of the draft project plan and management white paper for a risk informed resolution strategy for the fire barrier project at Salem.  Currently assisting with the review of the fire PSA update and eventual application of the PSA results to support the fire barrier resolution project.

Consolidated Edison - Developed a self-assessment plan for the fire protection program at Indian Point 2.  Reviewed the Fire Protection Program organization and responsibilities and provided recommendations on a new roles and responsibilities matrix.  Currently assisting with preparation for the NRC Triennial Fire Protection Inspection.

EPRI - Assisted with the NFPA 805 pilot project.  Responsibilities included the assessment of Salem Generating Stations' ability to comply with the fundamentals, radioactive release, and other modes of operations sections of the draft standard.

NFPA 805 - Active participant on the development of NFPA 805 "Performance-Based Risk Standard for Fire Protection for Light Water Reactor Electric Generating Plants".  Currently drafting the NEI Implementation Guidance for the Industry.

Public Service Electric and Gas - Served as the Project Manager and Technical Lead for the feasibility study of the Salem Generating Station Risk-Informed Performance-Based Assessment of fire protection features.  This project utilized the methods being developed under NFPA 805 to support Appendix R deviation/exemption requests.

Wisconsin Electric Power Co. - Served as Project Manager and Technical Lead for the Point Beach Nuclear Plant Fire Protection Validation Project. Duties include defining technical criteria, and assumptions and methodology for performing all associated project tasks.

Northeast Utilities - Developed a revision to the Northeast Utilities Fire Protection Program to take advantage of cost savings that can be realized by implementing a performance-based, risk-informed Fire Protection Program in accordance with the new Fire Protection License Condition.

Palisades Plant, Consumers Power - Served as Technical Lead on Consumers Power's Palisades Plant Appendix R Enhancement Project.  Duties included defining technical criteria, assumptions and methodology for performing all associated project tasks; selecting safe shutdown equipment and logic development, and performing Appendix R fire area compliance assessments.

Thermo-Lag Test Program - Performed project management duties for the industry Thermo-Lag Test Program, with responsibility for all technical and administrative activities.

Florida Power Corporation - Served as Technical Manager on the Florida Power Corporation (FPC) Appendix R Topical Design Basis Project.  Defined the technical contents and format of the topical design basis document.  Independently reviewed project activities.

Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station (PVNGS) - Served as Technical and Project Manager for the Palo Verde Appendix R Reconstitution effort to put PVNGS documentation into a form meeting the guidance of Generic Letter 86-10.  Scope consisted of validating the existing safe shutdown equipment list, creating safe shutdown logic diagrams; validating safe shutdown cables, systems analyses and Appendix R compliance; evaluating manual action feasibility and the requirements for protecting safety-related components; minimizing the release of radioactivity, and evaluating the effects of inadvertent actuation or rupture of suppression systems.  In addition to project oversight, personally performed many of the above tasks.

Assisted with the PVNGS Justification for Continued Operation (JCO) Project, which identified and evaluated deficiencies in the Fire Protection Quality Assurance (QA) Program.  Authored the Palo Verde Fire Protection Program procedure, the Fire Protection Test Program and the Fire Hazards Analysis Reconstitution Plan.  Also assisted with an assessment of the PVNGS Fire Protection Program prior to license issuance.

San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station (SONGS) - Served as Lead Project Engineer and Technical Manager on the Appendix R Analysis project at SONGS Units 2 and 3.  In this role they were responsible for the technical direction of all activities.  The project scope consisted of identifying safe shutdown systems and components and safe shutdown cables; analyzing common power supply concerns, conducting a common enclosure analysis, analyzing the seismic design of the reactor coolant pump lube oil collection system, conducting a survey of fire protection materials to provide a one-hour enclosure, and performing an inadvertent actuation study for Appendix R III.G.3.b concerns.

Technically and administratively responsible for the Fire Hazards Analysis (FHA) update for SONGS Unit 1.   Assignment included National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) code compliance verification and fire barrier penetration identification.  Served as Site Coordinator for the as-built verification portion of the Fire Hazards Analysis (FHA) update for SONGS Units 2 and 3.  Activities included coordinating walkdown teams, drafting a revision to the technical specifications, assisting in the development of exemption requests, and participating in discussions with the NRC technical reviewer.

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) - Served as Lead Project Engineer for the Sacramento Municipal Utility District's Fire Protection Project.  The project scope encompassed updating the Fire Hazards Analysis (FHA); identifying and verifying licensing commitments, including National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) commitments; developing a response to Generic Letter 81?12, preparing Appendix R exemption requests, and representing the client in discussions with the NRC technical reviewer.  Revised and/or prepared fire protection procedures, including Appendix R shutdown and repair procedures.  Performed an Information Notice 83-41 analysis.  Assisted in verifying and developing the Fire Barrier Penetration Program. Developed the Fire Protection Program Manual and fire pre-plans, and also served as Lead Project Engineer responsible for both technical and administrative project oversight.

Diablo Canyon - Assisted in reviewing Appendix R engineering evaluations and in preparing exemption requests for Diablo Canyon.  Assignment included coordinating the licensing submittal review and approval, and participating in discussions with the NRC technical reviewer.

Miscellaneous Assignments - Performed several fire protection program audits, including Appendix R audits at Millstone Units 1, 2 and 3; Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, D.C. Cook, Comanche Peak, and SONGS Units 2 and 3.  Served as the Technical Consultant for the PVNGS triennial audit.

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